Being a Uni Student

The first task is documenting what being a university student is to me. A few things to take from it already, I am doing the very first task we get on the first day (a habit that won’t be kept up for long), I shortened university student to uni student in the title because there is always a quicker more efficient way to do something and I have already typed 100 words because any good uni student knows how to hit a word count.

University hasn’t been that much to me at the moment, because I haven’t been able to experience campus yet. So it literally has just been deadlines and word counts. The task for this post was to get a picture that would represent what uni is. I took a picture of my coffee because there is never a moment when I’m in front of my laptop that I don’t have a cup of something.

I hope that at the end of the semester I can have a different answer because I want to enjoy uni. For now, a cup of coffee will represent just fine. 🙂

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