PItch Ideas (Thinking out loud)

It would be interesting to be able to get answers from all 200 people in BCM212 as it would give a wide variety of answers, but in reality, I won’t be able to go through or even get all 200 people to respond. Which made me think of something that I only really need 10 or so people to respond to, a form almost.

I started to think about my own life because most of us in BCM212 are young uni students like myself. What questions do I have, where can I find a line of similarities? I can find them in pattern, or routine.

People tend to have a routine, or at least have a pattern. The type of routine we have suits our needs, people find comfort in a strict routine, a day planned out to the hour when others have weekly lists and then some that don’t have anything written down living through memory and feeling. Now for some, not having a routine or a list could be a nightmare, and for others having a list sounds like a burden. A vibe kill.

For an idea, I could look at how people’s routines link to their personalities, what works for who. It is assumed that the life of the party doesn’t live by routine, rather they breeze through life. But is that really the case?

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