Hey there!

Hi, I’m Hailee, a young Aussie that is beginning her career in writing. This website provides me with a space to post my creative writing pieces, and investigative pieces that have been constructed whilst studying at UOW.

I have recently added a new section called “Spain,” and will be elaborated on later because some big news is coming!

Another brand new addition to the blog is my “The Sustainable Living” mini-magazine. I am creating a digital artifact through my university, and for it I have decided to write a mini-magazine. So go over and check it out!

Posts from my blog!

BCM241 Pitch

Hey guys, the video includes my pitch for the digital artefact. I basically chose this as my subject because I love watching sports of all kinds. I am a massive…

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People are a Little Strange.

Another semester, another subject and therefore, another DA. This semester is slightly different though, we are studying people. People are interesting, some are strange, one might even say that people…

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Over the course of this subject, I have been studying the people in BCM212 to see if they are environmentally conscious. Reflecting on this, to get a more accurate answer…

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Pitch for Assessment 2

This video was recorded when I was sick so apologies for the muffled voice. Dialogue below: Media has become a marketplace for billionaires that are willing to invest their money,…

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Burning Star

“Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” ― Sarah Williams, Twilight Hours: A Legacy of…

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Pin It!

I’m obsessed with Pinterest, its great to articulate ideas, recipes, and aesthetics. I have recently created a mood board/ pin board for L.W.S- the sustainable. It offers an overview of…

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