“Kids are losing out on the magic of childhood!” Except They Aren’t, It’s Just a Moral Panic.

The back and forth worry of the adolescent community growing up too quickly is a common concern felt by all parents alike, but its missing the mark completely. The concerns expressed around sexting, drugs and alcohol is a generational turn, parents are aware of what they did as teenagers, thus protecting their child from the […]

What is a Moral Panic?

The term moral panic was coined in 1972, (Hunt, 1997) and is projected through the media across a range of topics. The theory is described as a “period of heightened concern over some group or issue in which the societal reaction is disproportionate to the actual seriousness of the event.” (Soulliere, 2010) But because of […]

It’s more than an image, it’s a controversy.

Through the connotations and denotations of this image, the audience will perceive this ad as a controversy, and here is why. How do we let 2000 pixels create such an uproar, its because of what the image depicts. Photographs tell stories deeper then any word ever could, and its because of the emotion that is […]

Who owns what we read and would is it better for the media to be controlled by one large corporation or independent writers?

I get my daily news through the 9NEWs app, my Facebook feed, and the morning Today show, but who owns and controls what stories they produce? The Australian news is dominated by two main corporations, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and Nine Entertainment Co. The news that I access is controlled by the Nine Entertainment Co, […]