Female Sports Journalism

This webpage is set up as a space to write thoughts and research for my Digital Artifact for BCM241. In a quick summary, it will be looking at how female sports journalists are treated, if they are seen as equal and how the public perceives them. For the subject, we are looking at ethnography, which is the study of people, so I will be studying people through the lens of female sports journalism.

BCM241 Pitch

Hey guys, the video includes my pitch for the digital artefact. I basically chose this as my subject because I love watching sports of all kinds. I am a massive fan of F1, but I also love cricket and hockey. If anyone wants to go watch some sport, I would be down! And linking it […]

Theory/ starting point

I am making an assumption that female sports journalists aren’t consumed at the rate that male sports journalists are. But after scrolling through news pages online, I CANT SEEM TO FIND ANY FEMALE SPORTS JOURNALISTS!!! argh. I am looking for journalists that are reporting on what are assumed as ‘predominantly male’ sports, so far I […]