Hailee Pickering

Doing nothing…

The art of doing nothing, is in fact an art. Hard to perfect from some, easier to come by for others. Like most arts, it is hard to appreciate unless you cannot do it. I have found whilst being away, that i struggle to do nothing. Well I can sit in a cafe or sit […]


Research Report BCM241

Introduction This research report shall be analysing the response that female sports journalists get from the audience, interviewees, and colleagues. The aim is to compare the findings to the reaction that a male sports journalist would get in the same situation, thus drawing a conclusion, pointing out that women are cited less in sports because […]


Theory/ starting point

I am making an assumption that female sports journalists aren’t consumed at the rate that male sports journalists are. But after scrolling through news pages online, I CANT SEEM TO FIND ANY FEMALE SPORTS JOURNALISTS!!! argh. I am looking for journalists that are reporting on what are assumed as ‘predominantly male’ sports, so far I […]