BCM 111

Citizen Journalism; you’re just as good a reporter.

Social media has given everyday people an opportunity to be there own journalist allowing them to report on stories that are relevant to their local community. Citizen journalism is a tool that is both helpful and criticized. But it leaves us with a powerful question; why do we need professional journalism when regular citizens are […]

Music & the Links to Popular Culture.

Music is an expression of emotion, one that for me acts as a voice for my thoughts and feelings that I can’t put into words. Have you ever listened to a song thinking, ‘wow that explains how about feel about *situation* perfectly.’? Music delves deeper as it bridges a connection between us, the artist and […]

Instagram as a Lifestyle.

Both you and I know, the image we put out to the world isn’t our real image. It’s the image we want everyone to see. In my experiences social media can be both a great tool of connection and competitive environment. The platform I utilize the most would be Instagram. It’s features include a personalized […]