Digital Artifact; Moral Panics.

Stop panicking, its just giving the media more control over your life.

I have written a collection of three posts to explain, give examples and then conclude to what exactly a moral panic is. My theory and point of the posts is to prove that if we all collectively stopped living through the digital world, our opinions wouldn’t be so trafficked and mainstream, reducing the likelihood of a moral panic.

Moral panics are missing the point of our actual problems, the term itself is outdated, and the media utilities it to instill fear and create change, here is why;

What is a Moral Panic?

The term moral panic was coined in 1972, (Hunt, 1997) and is projected through the media across a range of topics. The theory is described as a “period of heightened concern over some group or issue in which the societal reaction is disproportionate to the actual seriousness of the event.” (Soulliere, 2010) But because of…

It’s Time to Change Our Mindset and Focus on the Bigger Picture.

As discussed in the previous two articles moral panics miss the mark. This idea that children are losing out on the magic of childhood because of new technological advancements has been proven to overstep the actual problem. A moral panic is a theory that is discussed by those of whom study media. But it “…rest…

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