The Idea Tree

For my digital artifact I have decided to write a mini magazine as a branch off my blog site. The magazine’s niche market will be for other green thumbs, like myself who want to make a difference. My magazine will consist of ways to minimize our digital footprint, slow down the spending and will give insight on how sustainable big clothing brands actually are.

The idea sprouted from the passion that I have about trying to live a greener lifestyle, I try to waste less, utilize reusable products and consistently attempt to shop sustainably. But to be honest I think the information about it all is very limited, and the information that there is about our digital footprint, generally results in a doomsday date. I want to create a conversation, rather than a demand “You have to live like this or we will end up like this,” type mantra.

Live With Soul- the sustainable. is a passion, but hopefully can turn into a conversation, and a realization, that we do need to change how we live, to create a better future for when we aren’t here anymore. 🙂

My Pitch Video

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