Ottway The Label

Ottway The Label is a fashion brand that I found a year ago, and started buying from this year. They are a slow fashion brand that supports ethical procedures and are local’s, coming out of Melbourne AUS. I own two of their Rarebird jackets, but it was this brand that opened my eyes to the […]


Sustainable Swaps

Swapping wasteful to reusable in a way that all people can adapt too. One use items are being used more and more lately and this may be because of the global pandemic that we have found ourselves in. Cafe’s aren’t tending to take reusable cups, and the blue face masks are a daily necessity. So […]


Beta & Reflection

Over the past 10 weeks of writing my mini magazine, Live With Soul- the sustainable my original idea changed to better suit both the time frame and its market. The original planning process was mapped out on scribbled bits of paper developing from scrawl in the back of books to drafted blog posts. But the […]