Feeding Feedback

I’m just going to say it, I’m not cut out to be a tutor. I don’t know how to give negative feedback, the only negative feedback was the things I was saying about my own pitch in comparison to the ones I was reviewing. How do you guys do it? Get back in the comments below ;). Moving on.

Here are my review comments.

I really enjoyed reading through everyone’s ideas and how it is all going to play out in the end result, of course reading it all made me unsure of if I was even doing my DA correctly because reflecting on others is the best way to reflect on yourself as well! Honestly, I sat there with a pen and paper reading through, writing comments and all I could think was, wow I missed that, and I missed that, and no wonder I got the mark I got. But I enjoyed it, because it has now made me realise what I can do differently in these blog posts, and it has also given me access to the blogs of my peers so I can see what they are doing for these posts.

This post is the hardest to write because I don’t know how to get 500 words and 2 minutes of audio content out of talking about giving feedback. This is probably why the first two paragraphs might sound like mindless rambling, but I think they give a good insight into my self-reflection.

What I think was great is that people commented on my own post, and the feedback really helped in fine-tuning my DA because I was so lost on the concept of what we were supposed to be doing. The feedback on my own blog and the feedback I was giving other blogs really did help in clearing up what the overarching DA is supposed to look like.

After analysing the feedback I gave I realise I could probably talk less about the aesthetics, but to me, as a reader, they are what draw me in and all three of the girls I reviewed did it really well! I think I addressed the usage of terminology well (but I felt bad because my own pitch had little to none), and I appreciated that all three were set out slightly different yet all three met the criteria. I was doing my own ethnographic research on the students of BCM, and how when given the same task we all handle it a little bit differently.

For future feedback like I said before, I could be a little less flowery and include more detail about grammar, punctuality, how the post reads and how the pitch video views. I didn’t mention the actual pitch in much of my feedback so for future comments I would like to add more about the video.

Overall I enjoyed getting an insight into what my peers are doing, sometimes I feel like our DA’s are our little secret that we want to hide from everyone else, this enabled everyone to share and help us build on our own work!

To hear more about this topic listen to my podcast below!

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