Over the course of this subject, I have been studying the people in BCM212 to see if they are environmentally conscious. Reflecting on this, to get a more accurate answer I needed to conduct multiple surveys and procrastinate less. I spent a large majority of this semester procrastinating on this subject which is why I have only conducted one survey. If I was to do it again, I would have written out a few surveys at the beginning and posted them once a week to gauge an idea of what people are thinking. The responses to the survey were great as many held trends that made it clear to find the pattern.

I enjoyed conducting research on people our age because it meant we could get responses that were relatable to our age group. My research, in particular, is good, because we have time to work on how to create ways to have more sustainable initiatives from Gen Z that will eventually see a change in the future.

Writing an opinion piece is always fun because it means I don’t have to worry about tense or language as much as I would a formal piece. It meant that I could have fun subheadings and an attention-grabbing layout. Overall, the third assessment for this subject was good fun because it meant I got to put everything together and demonstrate what I have been working on all semester.

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