Talking to You!

After posting polls and questions onto my Instagram I got a good understanding of what all your thoughts are on fashion.

So I want to chat about them!

One of my first questions was how often do you guys shop? I got quite a few responses, 7 of you said once a week, 16 of you said once a fortnight, 22 of you said once a month and 65 of you said you you need which is so cool! I am the same, mostly shopping when I need to, but I do love a good sale. I would like to point out that I have been getting a lot better at not purchasing just because it has a pretty price tag, but it still tempts me every time. After running this blog for the semester though I have been doing a lot more research on how bad sale shopping is and how much it contributes to the fast fashion environment which has meant that I have cut down a lot.

My second was about what attractions you to a brand. 80 of you said styles they sell, 4 said because of ethical values, 5 said because of sustainability ratings and 11 said because of trends and popularity. Of course, the style is the most popular answer, each store has a different “vibe” and we are all attracted to different types of clothing. The places I shop at are very directed to my style, but I have cut a few stores out because of how poorly they are rated on sustainability websites. In saying this Ghanda and Tree of Life aren’t ranked too highly, which means I just shop there for the styles that they sell. I also buy from Ottway the Label and Will & Bear, two places that I became interested in because of their values and sustainability ratings.

The question that interested me the most was about how brands that are sustainable only have certain styles, which is why many of you guys don’t buy from them. Personally, I find that it is the vintage/indie designs that are sustainable, and I completely understand that this style isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.

What I gathered from this was that there are two ways to go about it, the popular brands need to invest in changing their ways or the sustainable brands need to adopt more styles.

Another point I made was about money, sustainable is expensive, but if more people bought from these smaller brands prices would drop as the clothing would become more wanted to make it cheaper.

Chatting to you guys has been cool in allowing me to understand what you guys want a bit more.

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