Second & Final Reflection Post on L.W.S-the sustainable

Over the past couple of months I have been writing blog posts and doing research to create L.W.S – the sustainable. As introduced in my pitch and first reflection post I identified the image that I wanted to portray, creating a page that is the “one stop shop” for all questions and queries about sustainable living. The idea has been manipulated and changed over the course of the project, so now I am focusing on the fast fashion industry and the logistics of purchasing sustainable fashion.

The overall engagement with an audience has been lacking, but I feel at fault for that as my presence on Instagram hasn’t been as large as I would have liked. From today I have around 15 days until the page is to be handed in, so over the next two weeks I plan to really breakdown the blog and recreate it with different ideas.

My first couple of posts are clunky which means that readers have to really read it to engage with the content. In my experience smaller posts will lots of images create more of an impact. If I was to do it again I might even consider running the whole site on Instagram and scrapping WordPress all together. My reasoning for this is simple, only bloggers view WordPress & my target audience ranges from 18-25, the age which is very unlikely to have a blog.

MEMES, memes work great to build a quick interaction. If you look at the comparison below of interactive activity you can see the difference between a wordy post and a post which is in the format of a meme.

Throughout creating this whole DA I have learnt new lessons every time I sit down to work on it. A major lesson is to check up on the stats of the account to see what helps in boosting interactions and what doesn’t. My only IGTV video has the most interactions, something I didn’t know until writing this post.

It had an account reach of 171. This compared to my other posts is quite large, and if I had known this early I would have created more video uploads.

On my most recent feedback loop I gained a lot of insight into my followers, which has helped me in breaking the way I post. I have decided to go down a different avenue, instead of writing about problems with the fast fashion industry etc, I have decided to ask my followers what they want. Asking theoretical questions and giving them an opportunity to contact me. The feedback is going to help me in going forward with L.W.S- the sustainable. Below you can click through the screenshots of feedback.

The next 15 days I am going to focus on remaking L.W.S- the sustainable, and constantly posting polls and interactive questions to gain feedback from my audience. The idea of this page was to start a conversation around living sustainably, because of the large scope I have magnified in on the concepts of sustainable fashion. I still haven’t “created a conversation” because of the lack of interaction I have had with my audience.

Ideally I am hoping to create a daily poll and questionnaire to build a few more blog posts from it. This shall give both the Instagram page a chance to build more activity and give me an opportunity to write posts that are in-tune with my audience, which should correlate into building impressions and traffic to the blog.

From the start, the idea has changed a lot. But overall I am happy with how it has gone. I would love to continue it even after the DA is finished because the project is more of a passion than an assessment.

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  1. yutung123

    Hey Hailee, I love the way you present your reflection on your da. I totally agree that memes can draw audience’s attention also the voting on instagram story can build interaction with them. It seems like a very good progress on your da. In my opinion, WordPress also has its own audience you can keep updating a little bit, but still focus on Instagram it’s a bit of waste if you don’t continue updating WordPress. However, your da looks awesome!!!! I love it very much!!! I wish you the best of luck~~


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