Beta & Reflection

Over the past 10 weeks of writing my mini magazine, Live With Soul- the sustainable my original idea changed to better suit both the time frame and its market. The original planning process was mapped out on scribbled bits of paper developing from scrawl in the back of books to drafted blog posts. But the scope was too large, therefore my target market became too large.

The idea has undergone changes over time, the first change being its appearance. It was a cosmetic change that attracted more viewers. Initially the mini magazine (online web-page) started off with a green and lime colour combination but I didn’t like how informal it was compared to its new black and white appearance.

As you can see the green wasn’t clear to read and looked cheap compared to my new design. The upgrade came after I decided to invest money into my blog and upgrade to the premium version. This now allows me to use more features which has furthered me into updating and making L.W.S-the sustainable more accessible.

From looking at the images above you can see that after changing the appearance the site began to increase in popularity. In June it only reached 49 views overall but in September it gained 304 views.

The blog allows me to see which media sites people view my blog from, that being Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc. Most of my views have came from Facebook, rather than Instagram. But L.W.S- the sustainable’s main promoting platform is its Instagram site, which has been linked below.

I have found that utilising memes and meme culture I was able to interact with people fast and effiecntly, as creating a meme only took 5 minutes, comparing this to creating a post which could take upwards of 2 hours to write. My Instagram posts above show that I haven’t posted too many meme’s, rather just re-shares of the blog posts that I have written and tweets. I am currently creating a new plan to increase traffic on both my Instagram and Blog. This will allow me to utilise the lasting amount of time I have left up until the DA is due. From previous experience the amount of posting correlates to traffic, therefore I shall begin to up the amount of content posted to successfully grow the page.

The original idea was to create an online web-page which answered all questions about creating a smaller eco-footprint in the one spot, having different articles on the different aspects of sustainable living. But as I realised this was going to be too large of a project I decided to focus on just fast fashion and how to transform this into slow fashion. Not only did this create a niche which I was able to pitch too, but a target market and a smaller outcome goal.

To create the original idea I will need more time, but something I’m excited to do over the summer. The magazine will grow as a passion project and a journal on my own lifestyle choices; including mindful exercising and how to help the live a healthier, happier life which in turn celebrates the environment.

Below is a video that includes different ideas and an example of the web page will work.

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