Photo Journal of Me

I began to take a picture of myself every day, I took a picture with the theory that a picture can tell a 1000 words.

The past few months I lost myself, I began to feel ugly within my skin, and I overall began to blame myself for things that were well and truly out of my control. Here is my photo diary of the past few months, publishing this, is one step to me becoming the best version of me.

The photo album is still in the progress of being made, it’s not to prove a self obsession, or to look good in front of the camera. It’s so that I can look at the first picture, and then compare it to the latest photo and think, wow that girl really grew into her smile again.

I still want to create a post, or maybe a mini series of posts about the past 6/8 months of my life to share the experiences that I have gained. In doing this I can take a few more steps towards the end goal of being truly happy by myself again. For anyone who has ever known me, they would know I strive for independent and thrive by myself. For anyone who knows me still, would suggest that I lost this, and I did, very much so. I’m building it back up again, apart of the journey is sharing it, because I’ve always liked to write and blabber on. :))

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